Zara Necklace

Due to my loaded schedule, i don't have the luxury of time for shopping so i run directly to Zara because i had set my heart on this necklace only 12.99 euros. Do you like it? Kisses!!



I love photos, cameras and all these. When i was a little girl and we had the old cameras with films, i had a huge problem because i had only thirty six photos according to the film. And now, with digital cameras and memory cards my problem is solved! 
When i am on vacation my favourite item is my camera and i take shots everything, from people to places. I am in search of a new camera but until then i use my smart phone and photoshop. I love playing with colours, shades and this blur thing is what i find interesting in. Kisses!!!
I was wearing:
Shirt: Bershka
Jeans:Scinny Jeans
 Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: All Star converse
Watch: Swatch



New in thanx to Sante!thank you again!

Hello lovers!! It's the last day of March and here is my instagram mayhem! Gifts, places i've been, delicious breakfasts, daily moments and style.  It was the month of relaxing and i hope April will be too. The time has change so the day lasts longer for more strolls. I love gathering with my friends drinking coffee and cocktails!I can't wait for the summer days and nights!!kisses to all!!Think pink and follow me at instagram @kaffe_xanthi.

 Felt so lucky!!Win!!New in!!
Coffee at magic city, Thessaloniki
I am craving for...yummie!!
Spa is what i need after so many hours on the bus#istanbul
Tradition tea at Istanbul
Sad face, last day of vacations
Healthy breakfast back to home
Memories and souvenirs
My lovely friend Raven is exhausted!
Chillbox for the afternoon
Spring in village, backyard