30 Απριλίου, 2011

Every girl's moment

Marchesa Spring 2012
Theia Spring 2012
Monique Lhuillier Spring 2012
People say that every girl's dream is to be a bride.From a young age, girls learn how to lure a guy and marry him.I don't know yet if i am in this category but since yesterday, with the royal wedding, i am observed with the the ceremony!
As the wedding is the topical issue nowadays, and the designers had revealed the collections for the next spring, let's take a look and decide at which side we stand, the brides-to-be girls or the non-brides-to-be...

I believe that the brides-to-be are going to have difficulty in their choice because i am in love with all the above gowns and if i were a candidate i would have a serious problem...
I am bound to choose the bride-to-be side, aren't i?

29 Απριλίου, 2011

McQueen dear

Today was the day where all eyes were focused on England and the royal wedding.Oh, what a beautiful ceremony...All girls stole some glamor and fairy tale moments from the event of the year and felt like Queens...
Of cource the wedding gown was Alexander McQueen!!!!

Sarah Burton, the designer for McQueen designed the absoulute wedding gown ever!! The dress was constituted from bodice with beige lace (love love love lace), with tall cut in neck  and long sleves from lace, while the impressive skirt was from satin, in the same colour.
The lace that adorned the bodice and the long sleves of dress was hand made by the Royal Faculty of Embroidery of London, Hampton Court Palace. The pattern had flowers, that had been cut individually by lace, and afterwards were sewed in the hand, on silky tulle. The tail of skirt had length roughly 2,5 metres.
The bookers in England bet if Kate would wear a coronet or not.Finally, she borrowed the Cartier coronet from Queeen Elizabeth. The bunch of flowers that it kept they was constituted from myrles, lilies, a species of carnations that in the English is named Sweet William (ohhhhh!) and hyacinths.

And they lived happily ever after....From today the marriage of Kate Middleton with prince William will take place in the royal photographic albums. After 10 years of relationship the girl takes the prince in a fairy ceremony....
I wish the couple write their story and for the single ladies to find the Prince of their heart as Kate did...  
Prince where are you?

27 Απριλίου, 2011

Dreamy closet

I was wondering "Where all my stuff goes?!" as i was clearing some space in my closet. A headache was on the way, my room was bombed from bags, skirts, blouses, a nightmare...What if i had a closet like Carrie's (Sex and the city 2)!I wish!

Carrie's close
Carrie's closet is my dream!!I wish i could have a house with this closet and then my clothes will be strictly classified. You see i have Virgo horoscope and the order generally is my obession!!!
I like decoration and the right accordance in a room. The 21st century's house must have a decent, large closet..Oh, i wish, someday, own one!!Do you?

25 Απριλίου, 2011

Queen B or S?

I missed one of my favorite series, "Gossip Girl"..Since over a month from the last episode, i've started to have withdrawal symptom!!Then i dug my photo collection and i was gazing the style of the two Queens..
Juhair Murad dress

zebra print Jenny Packham
Queen S: The two first dresses are awesome..!!I fell in love with the Murad and i die for the Packham...Serena is more elegant and simple at the same time.

Giambattista Valli 

Alice + Olivia blazer and a Milly dress
Queen B: Blair chooses the severe way in her wardrobe. The Beckham dress and the Valli suit confirm this fact. As she struggles to dominate as Queen, her style is royal and whatever she wears is fashion!!

Who will be Queen??

23 Απριλίου, 2011

Happy Easter to all

My family and i are spending these days to the village. Thank God we have internet and i can spend some time to my blog and learn the news from my friends..I want to wish you all the best, health and whatever everyone needs...
p.s.. The bunnies are handmade by my sister (she is a teacher) for her students!!!how sweet!!!

22 Απριλίου, 2011

The big ba(n)g theory

Mulberry Handbag SS 2011

Yesterday i was hanging with my girlfriends in a coffee shop. The discussion we were having was various (girls talk) and we ended up in bags. As a bagoholic i should know all the types of bags but when my friend ask me the difference between clutch and pochette, i wasn't sure about my answer...
I couldn't take it in so, i will dedicated a post to the types of bags.

A handbag, or purse is a handled medium-to-large bag and used to hold personal items such as wallet, keys, cosmetics, mobile phone.
Alexander McQueen Clutch SS 2011
A clutch is a medium-to-small-sized handbag with a short handle or without, designed to be carried (clutched) in one's hand (similar to a pocketbook).

LV Satchel 

A satchel, a soft-sided case usually of leather, used to carry papers or books, usually has a handle and often has a strap.

Prada Spring 2011 striped canvas flap tote bag

A tote, is a medium to large bag with two straps.

Bulgari Prussian blue calf leather oversize pochette 2011

A pochette, is from the french word which means "little pocket" - is a pocket handbag or wallet. I am happy that i managed to satisfy my friend's curiosity, and mine too...

20 Απριλίου, 2011

Nice things

Here in Greece in four days we are about to celebrate Easter and the gifts to beloved people has already started. So, my cousin was gifted a lovely dress from "Nice Things" and i started a survey. Well, i found many cute outfits (as you can see above) for everyday. 
The responsible for the brand is Paloma Santaolalla who signs the clothing and accessories collections with her distinctive style which each season fills our closets with color and originality. 
Colours, free line in order to feel comfortable, big bags which i love...
Can i have a gift like these?

17 Απριλίου, 2011

I am bag again

Victoria Beckham Fall 2011
Recently i must admit that i was crazy with shoes, but now i am.....bag! Yes, you read right because i am gonna talk about my fave thing, bags!!Oh i missed them so much!!
Well, i found some incredible bags for this fall and a new designer (to me he is new, maybe you know him).

Burberry Fall 2011

The first three bags are from the collection for F/W 2011-2012. I loved the yellow colour of Victoria's bag and the shape which reminds me a big envelope!

Vbh bag
The famous series "Gossip Girl" learns us the new trends in fashion with the weekly Serena's and Blair's outfits. So, i discover a few photos with Serena Van der Woodsen, holding a bag named VBH. I must confess i wasn't familiar with this brand.
VBH is an Italian Luxury accessories house which was founded and is headed by designer and businessman, Vernon Bruce Hoeksema, whose initials are the company's name..Also, the brand includes a line of women’s luxury leather handbags and accessories, along with a collection of fine jewelry and decorative home objects.
If you are wondering about the price, i would tell you that they range from 1000$ to 6500$ and more...Not at my badget at all....!!!
Anyway, i liked them and i think they will be in the spotlight...Besides, why the First Lady "wear" him...?

16 Απριλίου, 2011

Let's say a (s)Tory

A long time ago, I discovered Tory Burch when a pair of ballerinas paid my attention. Then, i did a research about her and i figured out that she designs clothes, bags, shoes, belts and many other staff. Many celebrities prefer her for their outfits.
The most famous footwear are ballerinas, with the silver medallion. As we can she in the pictures, celebrities wear them often and especially Paris Hilton..I think shes has all the collection with Tory's shoes!!!
Also you can visit Tory's blog and see all the collection.
P.S. Oh, for the Easter i would like a pair of them godmother!!!xoxoxoxoxo

15 Απριλίου, 2011

Shoe hysteria

I'm feeling these days overwhelming about shoes..But i'm a bag girl, everyone knows this!!pfff...anyway, i was browsing magazines, searching on internet, and then boom (!) the most sublime shoes...

Canvas sandals, Ann Taylor, $198

Miu Miu SS 2011

I love colour very much on every outfit i wear, so even much more on shoes. So the designers had the same idea with me and here we are... Some of them maybe are unknown, but so chic and perfect for this summer.
I can't resist in Miu MIu's collection for the Spring with those yellow neon strapy sandals. 
The Toi-Moi pumps are so colourful like a rainbow...You can wear them with jeans and a t-shirt.
The Ann Taylor are for everyday use, just with a skirt or jeans. And the Top Shop for a formal occasion.
I'm thinking to turn on shoes too...ha?

13 Απριλίου, 2011

Live the Burberry show At Beijing.......watch here!

Today, 13th of April, at 15.30 o'clock (Greece time) we can watch live the Burberry Show at Beijing...
Fashion is combined with techology, animation and music by Keane live, stay tunned! !
Click live now!!!

Oh god..The show has just finished..At the Sparkle Roll Plaza, Beijing, we watch the tecnological fashion show of Burberry. The catwalk was digital, rain and models. The songs which "dressed" the show was from Adele - "Someone like you" (wow, i love her), Dusty Springfield - "You don't own me", Nacy Sinatra - "Bang Bang". 
The chief creative director of the brand, Christopher Bailey said "It's the biggest event we've done in China, the biggest event in the world. Tonight, it's about music, it's about fashion and it's about whole digitally experience and i think we'll have a lot of fun this evening. I think  music and fashion is a symbiotic relationship, they work so well together. Historically, it's something when you start to get music with fashion, it gives you energy and attitude and it's something we've always felt very strong when we do big shows and big events. British style is Burberry style. It's our heritage, our root, it's who we are and it's wonderful we've flying the British flag here in Beijing".
In the red carpet we saw the actress, Maggie Cheung, the band Keane who after the show they performed live about an hour. 
The singer of the band, Tom Chaplin, thanked the Chinese audience for the great evening and the last song was "Crystal Ball".

12 Απριλίου, 2011

Eva's Coach

And there she is with her...Coach! Eva's daily errands must include the Coach bags which she can't do without!
As we can see in the pictures above, Eva bought two bags, the Woven sage satchel and the Kristen elevated sage. In dusty pink, Eva looks great and so fashionable!
The bags are on the site of the brand, and they cost 483 euro (the leather) and  691 euro (the woven).

My first blog award: The versatile blogger award!

When you get the award you have to :
*thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog in your post
*tell 7 things about yourself
*award 7 recently discovered bloggers
*contact the bloggers to let them know they received the award

Omg!! What can i say?? it's my first award in my blog-life and i wanna thank Emelia very muchhhh!!!So thank you Emelia - the sugar plum fairy magic !!!

 7 things about me
  1. First  i am a bagoholic, my bags are gonna take over my room soon and my mom gets angry when i buy a new one
  2. Also, i am a movie-maniac..I have seen too many movies and dvds...
  3. i can live with cakes, ice-cream, chocolate, anything with sugar...
  4. My favourite group is Spice Girls.
  5. I love travelling abroad..i wish, someday, travel to Paris and N.Y.C..
  6. I am aquarius and i am a winter girl
  7. Finally, i hate white boots...never never never..!!!
 Bloggers Awards
The most difficult part..I don't know what to choose...So...
If only i could chose all the blog in the world!!

10 Απριλίου, 2011

Would you like a Macaron?

Green embroidered Macaroon

Printed Macaroon
Kenzo Macaron SS 2011
The answer i yes, i would!! A different way for a macaron, the famous french pastry but in a fashion way.... Kenzo designed the Macaron Silk satin clutch, 2 pockets inside, braided shoulder strap in black. 
There are 6 colours, yellow, purple, black, pink, khaki and brown and they cost 195 $. Also, there are and 2 more versions, the Green embroidered  and the Printed Macaroon Macaroon and the price is 225 $.
Whichever version you choose, i believe you will make a good purchase for the Spring....

09 Απριλίου, 2011

Window's shopping

CaFèNoir shoes SS 2011
It was an afternoon when shops were closed, so i decided to go for window-shopping ! Among the shops with shoes, with the Spring collection, a storefront with the brand, CaNoir. I wasn't familiar with it, but the shoes were outstanding... Colours, heels (the best part) and attractive prices (the second best part). 
The firm is Italian, dominating in footwear manufacturing and marketing for over 15 years.
The above pumps are what i like because they combine the colours, like orange -the colour of summer- heels and a fussy design.
I would buy all of them but my fave is the brown one with the gold clasps.

08 Απριλίου, 2011

i've seen this before

Camilla Belle

While i was searching my pc files with pictures from the collections, i focused on Gucci RTW SS 2011. As the clothes dropped by, my eyes fell on the above outfit. Multicoloured -orange, mauve, green, blue and gold- a quirky mix-and-match which Camilla Belle, actress, didn't afraid to wear. So, at he Gucci and RocNation Pre-GRAMMY brunch held at Soho House, she wore the Gucci apparel holding a different clutch from the model.
I like it so much because the Spring must be full of colors!!!Right?

07 Απριλίου, 2011

Birkin sells the Birkin for a good reason

The Birkin bag

This is the dream of every bag-oholic as me....If someone told that i could buy or be gifted a Hermès Birkin bag, i wouldn't want more than this ever in my life!! My dream came true (unfortunately i can't afford it) as Jane Birkin decided to gift her real bag for a good reason, donating the revenues to the Red Cross fund for Japan. The bid is taking place on eBay and the opening bids started at $2,000 and are already up to more than $5,000...
First released in 1984 and created for Jane Birkin by Jean-Louis Dumas, President of Hermes at the time, the Birkin bag is still to this day one of the most iconic fashion items, and practically impossible to get.
What an invaluable bag in anyone's bag collection....

06 Απριλίου, 2011

Walkin' on my shoes

From Left to right: Exe, Stradivarius, Pink Woman,  black Killah

 left: jean Zara, center: green Coolway , right: black Dexim

Black Pelma Fashion, Grey Miss Sixty
In a previous article in my blog, i posted some pictures of discount clothes that i bought..Today, i decided to organize my shoe closet...I am a bag-addict but shoes, also, are an inevitable passion for me.
I realized that i have a satisfying number of shoes, even i say that i don't have. Every girl wants more and more shoes, so do i. Ankle-boots are my fave, even when they are high-heeled. For work, running errands, a coffee with a friend. 
My Miss sixty pumps are comfortable for a drink or at the work (if you work in Vogue maybe!).
Oh shoes shoes shoes!!

03 Απριλίου, 2011

My heart belongs to Madras

Prada's "Madras"

No, he is not a man but Prada's "Madras" tote is the new accessory of orange that it could also have been called 'Chicken Tikka'. We've already spotted it from the arms of Sienna Miller, Jessica Alba and Uma Thurman adding an instant 'colourfull' touch to spring looks.
If you want to get in the spot, you'd better get saving in 1.595£....