31 Μαΐου, 2011

it 's a man's world

"It's a man's world" as the famous song says..For you boys!!!Fall 2011 Collections  from D&G, Calvin Klein, Burberry.

 Dolce & Gabbana Winter 2012

It is very sexy if a man know what to wear. Nowadays, men are more keen to shop for their outfits. Of course, sisters, moms, girlfriends are always a help for the shopping madness!
So, D&G seems to adopt a casual cartoon style - Mickey Mouse - with cheerful colors as candy pink, mint green and citrus bight yellow with logos of Coca Cola advertising. 
For the evening, men can match the white shirt (also with stripes) with a grey, black pants and a slim tie and be the Prince Charmy...

CK seems to be more strict and common for the this winter. Grey is the leading man at the fashion show. We see coats, leather (unique item for the men's wardrobe), parka and trench coats.

Burberry Prorsum men Fall 2012

Needless to say about Christopher Bailey, the chief creative director of Burberry
I love him and everything he designs!!
I like my boyfriend wearing this kind of outwear!! If i had the money, i would buy him the classic Burberry trench coat..So elegant!!!
i believe that is the must-have garment for boys and girls...

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  1. συμφωνω απολυτα για το πανωφορι απο Burberry!!οσο για τα αλλα αντρικα..χμ..δυσκολο,αυτα τα καρτουν δεν μου αρεσουν ουτε τα πολυ πολυ εκκεντρικα..τα τελευταια κομματια ειναι πολυ κομψα!ειδικα τα D&G κοστουμια!


  2. ax gt?ta cartoon mou aresoun polu!!einai casual....

  3. ta D&G poukamisa ine siglonistika!

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  5. ειναι ολα τέλεια :)
    πολύ καλές επιλογές!


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